Second Life Meeting Story

by Madonna OHare

I log into Second Life, a 3D environment on the Internet where people can meet and interact.

At the beginning I took it as it is, a game. I created an avatar which was my alter ego and I started to work as a hostess in a night club where people used to go and "dance".

After 2 months I met a person there called "Bigding Ling." From that moment on we used to talk every night for a couple of hours, every time we stayed longer than the night before until we decided to start a "relationship" on Second Life.

People can get married there and own a house, also people can interact with many other avatars and play different games. Also making love there! SL is a game for adults who pretend to live a life they donĀ“t have.

We got married, and moved in together on SL. We had a marriage ceremony with a pastor, white dress, we had a cake , music, a DJ and everything needed for a wedding. (I add pictures of the wedding day on SL)

He told me he was 36 years old, non-smoking guy and he liked to work. He also sent me some pictures. I told him many things about my real life and we started to call by phone, we were like real boyfriend and girlfriend long distance. We also started to have cybersex in Second Life and sometimes by web cam.

I invited him to my graduation day in Mexico, and he accepted so he flew for 4 hours from USA to Mexico to meet me.

When I first saw him at the airport it was not the same guy I had seen at all, but older as if he had sent me old pictures. I found during this trip he smoked and also he was 49 years old. WTF????

He wanted to stay in Mexico during his vacation and live with me but I didn't want to because he was weird and he lied to me about his age. After a month he told me by e mail he was sorry about it and he asked me to marry him.

I accepted and he came back to Mexico to live with me. It was the worst mistake I ever made. Once he was here he didn't wanted to change his immigrant status to be able to work, he didn't do anything but sit on the computer and also he was a control freak.

I get pregnant and when he found out he went back to the USA saying he had no money to support me or our baby so he was going to move me there. It never happened, he didn't even sent me money to pay the hospital bills.

During my pregnancy I found out he had at least 5 children and he didn't support those kids. He said those were not his children but they are because they have his last name.

He used me as vacation place. I think he is married and has more children with different women. It was my mistake to get involved with somebody I really didn't know and take the SL relationship into real life. I feel bad and now I have to support a 2 year old baby alone because his father doesn't respond to me , but he does keep playing the "love" game on SL, cheating and taking money from people.

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