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1. On the Shores of Booty Bay - Mar 23, 2010

It was spring of 2004. My daughter roped me in to subscribing to WoW [World of Warcraft]. Since I was footing the bill, I was darn well going to get some time in game. So I created a green-haired Night Elf Druid(ess) named Sylphanya who did

2. Second Life Meeting Story - Mar 5, 2010

I log into Second Life, a 3D environment on the Internet where people can meet and interact. At the beginning I took it as it is, a game. I created an avatar which was my alter ego and I started to work as a hostess in a night club where people

3. Miracles Happen - Mar 4, 2010

My story is a love story. I met my fiance on Second Life in 2005. We were not looking for anything, since we were both in relationships, but we ended up falling in love. Our real life relationships were not going anywhere and both of us felt

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