Finding The Love Of My Life

by UtahMom

After my divorce in 2000, I dated many men and tried many different on-line dating services. I found the men from on-line dating services tended to fall into three categories - liars, cheaters, and thieves (oh my!). I decided the man of my dreams did not exist or certainly not in Utah. I had a full life with my career and raising my two sons, so I put my romantic pursuits on the back burner and enjoyed the wonderful cultural and recreational activities available in my area.

As my sons graduated from school and moved on with their lives, I found myself wanting someone to share my time and experiences. I saw the eHarmony ad on TV and decided to give internet dating one more try. I was encouraged by the extensive personality profile and was very anxious to meet a higher caliber of individual who matched my interests and life goals.

It was a real blow to my ego to not receive a SINGLE match for months and months, but finally a few started to trickle in. One was a gentleman named Nelson. We went through the series of guided communications and my interest intensified. When he finally called me on the phone, his deep voice piqued my interest further. We made a date to meet at the Jordan River Parkway for a walk on April 1, 2007. That day changed my life forever.

I never expected to find someone who so perfectly matches my basic core values and goals. After our third date, I knew this was the person I would spend the rest of my life. I wanted to know what I would need to do to keep him happy for a lifetime. When Nelson shared his Compatibility Profile with me I learned the secret. Just be me. Every word perfectly described me.

Our lives together have been right out of a fairy tale. We've enjoyed walking and biking the Jordan River Parkway and seeing Bald Eagles and wild turkeys while floating down the Snake River. From outdoor summer concerts, discovering the hidden treasures in the basement of the Natural History Museum, cultural events, and festivals, to taking the tram to the top of Snowbird Resort after the first snow to celebrating Halloween at a masquerade ball at Needles Lodge at Snowbasin, each hour we spend together is filled with love, laughter, and delight.

But even more importantly, I now have a loving, supportive partner to share the challenges of daily living with employment, elderly parents, children finding their way in the world, and the other demands on our hectic lives. My love, respect, and admiration for Nelson deepens each day as we continue to experience the ups and downs of life.

The man of my dreams was right here in Utah, but if it hadn't been for on-line dating, the odds we would have found each other were slim to none.

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