Lisa's Story

by Lisa

It all started a few years ago when I broke off my engagement. I wasn't sure what to do with myself and hadn't been on the dating scene for awhile. I realized that what I was doing wasn't working, so I needed a new approach. I decided to try the "George Costanza" (from Seinfeld) method. There was an episode where he did everything the opposite of what he usually did. So I tried blind dates and internet dating and just plain dating as homework to get back in the swing of things.

At the time of trying out this new fangled intenet dating thing, I was pretty nervous at first but really just bit the bullet and went for it. After awhile, I enjoyed having my dinner or coffee or drink paid for by someone else. I got used to it and enjoyed it. I figured if I was looking online, there had to be other normal people looking too.

I met a guy named Joe who was nice enough, so we went on a few more dates. He had great dinner parties with lots of great friends. After we decided to call it quits, we remained friends. One of his friends, Josie, asked him if he would mind if SHE became friends with me because I was fun. He, of course, said yes. So Josie and I became fast and close friends. Sometimes I forget how we even met!

After Joe, I dated another guy for a while. Josie and her boyfriend Stephen had a fondue party and Stephen invited a guy named Frank. He and I talked and talked. But the conversation changed when I mentioned my boyfriend.

Fast forward 4 months later to Josie and Stephen's New Year's Eve party. I met this Frank again. After the party, Frank asked about me. Stephen told Frank that I had just broken up with my boyfriend. So Frank told Stephen he had to at least have a chance to go on a date with me before someone else did. Josie and Stephen then tried to get us at the same place at the same time. Stephen invited Frank out to a happy hour, and I couldn't make it. Josie invited me out to a concert and Frank was sick. We finally connected one night and had a chaperoned, double date with Stephen and Josie. That was 2.5 years ago and we are getting married September 5th!

My feelings now are that it is just another tool to stick in the dating belt. It isn't much different from a one night stand or going on a blind date. You hardly know the person and you do run some risks, but it is much more common place now. I am not ashamed to tell people that I did do internet dating and my experiences. ( I will say I was a bit embaressed when one dating site put pictures in the local paper of potential dates and they decided to profile me! My staff thought it was funny and put copies of it all around the office)

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