Meeting my online "sisters"

by troyaldobes

On December 29, 2007, my daughter Sara was born at 22 weeks and she was still born. I was looking for an online support group to help me through my grief. It was hard, it wasn't a miscarraige and to join a group for grieving parents didn't work either. So I looked up the reason why I lost Sara which was Pre rupture of Membranes, or PROM. What I found has changed my life forever. I found a support group for parents who went through the exact same experience that I did. Some babies actually did make it but most were like my Sara and didn't. I connected with these women like I never have before. They knew everything I was feeling and I could share with them things I couldn't tell anyone. I really connected with so many of these women to the point where I now call them my sisters. We call ourselves the PROM queens.

There was one woman named Dana who I connected with and have formed an unbelieveable friendship with. One day I posted that my son was working on being potty trained and 2 days later there was a package of big boy underwear in my mail. That day I knew Dana would be a friend for life.

We live about 4 hours away from each other and it was great to finally "meet" her last April. We talk on the phone at least every day, send each other stuff in the mail, and Dana helped me get through my next pregnancy and the premature birth of my second daughter Sydney.

Also through facebook I have been able to conntect with the rest of my PROM queen sisters on a whole other level. We all chat online and help and support each other even half way around the world. One of our sisters in Austrailia is going through cancer treatments. We are all there cheering her on and wish that we could be closer to her to give her a hug.

These girls mean so much to me. For my daughter Sydney's baby naming not only did Dana drive up but our friend Jan flew from Minnesota for the weekend just to be there for our special day. I would do anything I could possibly do for these girls and I know they would do the same for me. Even if most of us haven't "met" each other they are the closest friends I will ever have!

All Hail the PROM QUEENS

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